Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) Natural History Museum


MTA Natural History Museum was first opened to the public on 7 th February, 1968, at the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute of Turkey.

With a ground floor used for paleontology, a first floor for mineralogy, petrognaphy and physical geology, it covers some 3,500 m2 including a basement where dioramas reflecting the fauna and flora of Central Anatolia is being exhibited. At present 1,799-specimen-mineral collection and a 2,678-specimen-fossil collection displayed in the Natural History Museum.

Of all the possessions of the Museum a set of well preserved footprints presumably belonging to early men who lived in Anatoliasome 25,000 years before our time attract admiration.

The Museum has presented genuine contributions not only to the scientific institutions and universities, but also to any establishements interested in earth sciences, to provide them geological materials within their works.




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